Do you need a little ME time?


In summer months, things SPEED Up. Way up! If we’re not careful the entire season may pass and we will look up only to realize we never took the time to deliberately engage in self-care. We may find ourselves doing so much for other people— running the kids all over the place, attending one event after the other, staying up late, eating junk food, internet surfing, yet still neglecting, true times of heart-rest, spiritual reflection, and the centered, calm-energy nurtured by periodic times of soul-sabbatical.

If anybody knows how to live revved up on stress and adrenaline it’s me! Years ago, my life was non-stop, over the top and OUT of ORDER! My call to “ordering my private world” came when one of my spiritual mentors, P. Bunny Wilson said to me is: “Shannon, you’ve become so good at doing you’ve forgotten how to simply BE. — Wow! Her words were both Divine correction, and a sacred invitation to begin the journey towards the life that I now lead and cherish; a life marked by soul-ease, self-care and centered wholeness.

What about you?
• Do you find yourself waking up checking texts and emails before you even roll out of bed?
• Do you find yourself staying up late, waking up tired, and not feeling your radiance? Energy?
• Do you feel like more people NEED you and yet there’s less of you to go around?
You are NOT alone. We are busier than ever before in history, and although demands for our attention and time have INCREASED, our capacity to meet the demands have not.

I love the wisdom that reminds us: We cannot give what we do not possess. We cannot offer what we don’t first embrace…

So that brings me to my question: In this ramped up 24-hour world, are YOU taking care of YOU? Are you giving yourself the time to RELAX…SLOW DOWN and simply “BE?”

Never underestimate the power of ME time…

Many years ago, my mother lost a dear friend. My mother’s friend was only 34- years-old when she passed. I’ll never forget my mother’s words after Nina’s funeral: “Nina was always there for everyone, she was the glue that held everyone together, and it breaks my heart that super-women die young.” Wow! I couldn’t have been more than 22-years- old at that time, but I’ll never forget those words: “Superwomen die young.” With the increasing demands for our time, our resources, our energy, being INTENTIONAL about “me” time is not selfish, far from it, it is life-saving, and it is wise.

It’s time for Soul Sabbatical

Last year, I had the honor of teaching a LIVE 4-week virtual online course centered around self-care and intentional inner-healing called: Soul Sabbatical. During the sessions,  my clients kept asking about meditation, so I recorded a mindful meditation and self-calming training called: “The HOUR of POWER.”

The regular price for this audio is $89.00 — Today, I’d like to bless you with this training for free! I would love to “sow” into your season of intentional “ME” time and self-care. You are MORE than worth it.

It’s been many, many years since the life-changing words of: “learning how to BE” were spoken into my spirit, and over the past several years I’ve become extremely diligent about practicing a daily self-care routine and living the sacred principles of Soul Sabbatical. There is nothing I value more than clarity, wholeness and peace, and ALL are “inside-jobs.” When we invest in our own well-being first, everything in our lives changes for the better.

If you’d like to receive the complimentary HOUR OF POWER Mindful Meditation & Self Calming Audio Training, just CLICK HERE: – Enter Your email and immediately CHECK your “POP-UP”  window for “Thank You” and INSTANT access , and you’ll be on your way to intentional soul-care, spiritual renewal and focused “ME” time…

There’s nothing wrong with slowing down— actually when we do, we get there FASTER!

Remember, what we are seeking is already seeking us: Before we call, God answers.  Cast your cares on God. Take a DEEP breath, place your hands over your chest and repeat after me: “Relax. Allow. Receive.”


Simply CLICK HEREto enter your email, and you will have access to this sacred Soul Sabbatical Meditation audio INSTANTLY (check your computer for Pop-up window)
Blessings and Much love,

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3 Signs of a Restored Woman

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Have you ever lost something precious and dear to you? How did it make you feel? For me, loss creates fear and panic. For many, it causes a lapse in rational thought. We search frantically, blindly and desperately. We call others to join us in our wild search. We mentally “retrace” our steps and do everything within our power to remember: how, why, and what happened to make us lose something we value or need so dearly? What about our hearts and souls as women?


Have you ever felt as if you lost a part of yourself? Have you been through a trauma or set-back that shook you to the very core of your being, only to leave you wondering if you’d ever make it back home to the truth of who you are? I have. Thankfully, this is not where our story ends…

“Behold, I am making all things new.”

What does a Restored Woman look like?
The dictionary describes restoration as:
Return (someone or something) to a former condition, place, or position.
Repair or renovate (a building, work of art, vehicle, etc.) so as to return it to its original condition.
Much like the description above, soul-level life restoration is not about “replacing” what is, but rather it’s about allowing the completed work, the “true original” woman to emerge WHOLE. This woman is free to SHINE unapologetically in her NEWNESS: mind, spirit and soul.

The 3 Signs of a Restored Woman:

#1. A Restored Woman is a NEW Woman

A Restored Woman has found this truth… she is already brand NEW. Through her daily surrender to God’s love, she is empowered to accept and embrace this gift of “newness.” She has nothing left to prove. She has made room in her life for what is needed for this part of her sacred journey and released familiar habits, people and beliefs that no longer serve her path of wholeness, life-freedom and soul-restoration. This woman lives in the freedom, fullness and prosperity of her “newness.”


#2. A Restored Woman is an Authentic Woman

A Restored Woman’s suffering has become her strength, her tears have become her tenderness, her challenges have become her compassion, and her past pain has become the platform for her present purpose. She no longer shrinks, hides or diminishes herself to please others; she is at ease and relaxed in her own skin. Her profound authenticity is an invitation for others to live with the same soul-level freedom.


#3. A Restored Woman is a WHOLE Woman

One cannot nourish the mind and neglect the body, or nourish relationships and neglect finances. ALL areas of our lives deserve completion, success and wholeness.


The Restored Woman’s life reflects wholeness in every way: mind, body, and spirit. Her life reveals: Whole prosperity. She does not forfeit one area of her life for the sake of another. A whole woman knows her “completion” and wholeness has been settled by her Creator alone. She knows that because God is her Source, she is already: Whole. Complete. Lacking nothing.


I pray that we are all surrendering daily to the truth of who we already are: Restored. I believe that embracing wholeness and prosperity in EVERY aspect of our lives is a birthright.


I consider myself a Life Restoration Expert, because I am passionately committed to helping women all over the globe reclaim their God-given right to live free!


It’s time to embrace the bigger story that God wants to reveal through your life. It’s time to embrace your newness. Life Restoration is a sacred gift; one cultivated through self-acceptance and a daily surrender to God’s love.


I appreciate you for being with me on this amazing life journey!


I’m blessed to share my thoughts with like-minded women who desire freedom, prosperity and wholeness in every area of their lives!


Much love,

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P.P.S. – I’d love to hear your thoughts. What does a Restored Woman look like to YOU?

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Self-Esteem is the New Sexy

SYT QC0006“We do not attract that which we want; we attract that which we are.”– James Allen

Women love confident men. Men love confident women. There is something marvelously powerful and inviting about the presence of a person who is relaxed, calm and at ease in their own skin. Healthy people attract healthy people. When a woman loves herself, she has an easier time defining what she wants. She has an inner-strength to choose relationships that honor her God-given value. She recognizes that compromising the desires of her heart is a form of self-betrayal. When a woman honors herself and her deepest beliefs, she will draw a man into her life who appreciates and values his own. Women often complain about the lack of “good men” in the dating pool; but, the truth is, when we evolve to a place of higher self-love, self-respect and self-compassion, we will attract the man who simply mirrors our self-worth.


Self-Esteem sets the standard.


“When women go wrong, men go right after them.” – Mae West

Women have forfeited much of their power in relationships. We lose this power position when we lack understanding regarding the profound level of influence we hold with men. That’s why when we look at the current relationship scene, we are witnessing men responding to the low-standards of “modern” women. I admire women who would nowadays be considered “old-fashioned;” women who require that a man treat them with dignity and respect. Women who know they have value. They also understand that when a man honors a woman, he honors himself.


The true beauty of a woman.

“We as women are trained to see ourselves as cheap imitations of fashion photographs, rather than seeing fashion photographs as cheap imitations of women.” – Naomi Wolf

When a truly confident woman walks into the room— dress size, occupation, or social status does not matter. She “attracts” because she shines something deeper than physical beauty, she has spiritual radiance. She holds a deep-rooted belief in her own preciousness. This woman is not the woman that our pop-culture or typical reality show fare showcases; she is beautiful because she is at ease with herself and relaxed in her own skin. She is not looking to a man for what she can “get.” Instead, this woman is open to a relationship that is compatible with her life-vision, heart values and purpose.


Self-Esteem is the foundation for healthy love.

“Self-Esteem is the foundation of romantic love. In its absence, we become saboteurs of our own happiness.”– Nathaniel Branden

Unfinished emotional healing will always show up in our relationships. Therefore, healing, restoring and empowering our self-esteem is a crucial work of the soul. It is the building block of our choices, behaviors and determines the quality of life we will experience. Our actions and behaviors will produce results that are consistent with our self-concept. That is why it is hard for a woman to demand that a man love, respect and value her, when she does not deeply love, value and respect herself. When we feel good about ourselves, we typically treat others well and expect nothing less in return.

There is no relationship more intimate than the one we have with ourselves. When a woman embraces her worth, and decides to choose a life that is consistent with her beliefs, her self-respect becomes her glory. Love yourself first. Honor yourself first and a worthy man will go above and beyond the call of duty to do the same. Self-love attracts more love; self-esteem is the new sexy.

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Settling for Less when You know You Want MORE

Settling for LESS when you Know You Want MORE

Settling for LESS when you Know You Want MORE

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela


Who are we really fooling here? My definition of settling is: lying to ourselves. At its core, settling simply means that somewhere along the way, we gave up on the life we truly desired and adjusted to the one we had. But, sooner or later we realize that pushing our desires down is like trying to force a beach ball underwater, it keeps coming up! Settling causes us to enter the painful cycle of passivity, disconnection, apathy and merely existing. When we do not “OWN” our space in life, we allow others to dictate where we belong. When we do not define our value and worth, we allow others to decide it for us. When we don’t know our authentic God-given calling, we strive to work “for” a living rather than “receive” one. We earn a paycheck rather than design a life. When we settle in our relationships, we endure unneeded suffering simply because we fear uncertainty over familiar sorrow. When we settle, we numb our hearts, stick our heads in the sand and PRETEND that we have another 5, 10 or 15 years for something good to “happen.” We forfeit our power, influence and ability to create a life, to live by conscious design. It requires courage to take ownership over your unique journey. We can only pretend for so long. Our hearts will only bow down to fear and the expectations of others for so long. We want more. We long for more. Frankly we deserve more.

Self-worth and Settling

When we determine that we are worthy of living the life of our desires, not just passively “wishing, waiting, and hoping” for something to change, we will indeed change. When self-worth expands we embrace self-responsibility, we cease blaming others and take back the reigns of our own lives—we create something worthy of us. We allow our lives to be our message to the world. When we live our truth, we transcend force and rise to power and influence. We only get one chance at this life. Self-worth empowers us to live it authentically. Increase your self-respect by telling the truth about what you desire. Increase your worth by taking daily committed actions to manifest the life you desire. Our world reflects both our wounds and our worth. What is life mirroring back to you? Does it reveal your addiction to familiar pain? Does it reveal your inability to leave your comfort zone? Does it reflect the deeper, honest desires of your heart? If not, change. Change right now. Life is not happening “to us” it is happening “through us.” You’ve settled long enough. Your heart desires more, let truth lead.

Look Within and Discover truth


What do you desire on a soul-level?

What parts of your heart have you numbed, killed-off or silenced in order to prevent future, perceived shame?
In what ways have you settled or lied to yourself?
In what ways have you allowed your decisions to be controlled or managed by cultural, religious or family traditions?
Are you your own man? Are you your own woman?

Our souls become exhausted resisting and avoiding the truth. When we settle, we diminish in both confidence and self-worth because we betray our own hearts. Our hearts tell the truth. When we do what makes us feel joy and brings our hearts to life, we give this world a gift; the gift of people who are fully alive and fully engaged. We are created for something greater than ourselves.


Healthy self-worth gives us evolved thought; we understand that everything that is “showing up” in our lives, is revealing our heart beliefs. Thoughts are powerful things. When we think differently, we create different actions that align with the truth. We receive what is better, when we expect better. Change and life-transformation is ONE new decision away. No need to ever again settle for less. God created you for MORE and you know it.


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Blessings and much love,

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