Women, Depression and Remembering Robin Williams

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I’ll admit that these past few days I’ve been sad, I mean really sad. I’m not sure if it was the absolute shock of learning that Robin Williams had passed, or finding out the way he chose to leave this expression of life. I imagined the pain and anguish it must take for a person to end it all. And in all honestly, I know what it’s like to be TIRED; I mean soul-level-tired! You see, it was less than 6 years ago that I healed my life from a life-altering bout with depression. Before then, there was a real part of me that still subscribed to the less than tolerant, “Snap out of it!! Get over it!! Don’t you have faith in God!!?” ignorant and rigid mentality.

Depression is COMPLETELY Normal. Depression is NOT normal.

Yes, depression is normal. In fact, it dates back to the Biblical days of David and Moses who BOTH had bouts with depression. Sometimes, depression is so subtle that as one of my coaching clients reminded me recently, we don’t even realize that we were depressed until we are on the other side. When the lights of our soul come back on, we see just how far we drifted from ourselves. Set-backs, betrayal, relationship pain, and anything associated with loss can trigger depression, as it is one of what Psychologists term: “The 5 Stages of Grief.” And yet, TIME is what determines whether depression is healthy or not. So if you, like me years ago, find yourself STUCK for too long in unhealthy thought patterns that leave you debilitated, isolated and paralyzed from living a normal, healthy, day to day life, seek help. Too often shame, which is another profound emotional trigger, causes us to isolate ourselves when we need help the most. As for those of us who come from a traditional Christian background, we may face another layer of religious shame because like my less than intelligent days of screaming: “Get over it!” to depressed people, we often categorize people who struggle with mental illness as being “weak or lacking faith.” As time goes on, depression becomes chemical and physical. It’s often not something you can “pray away.” Therapy, medication, professional help and seeking lay-counsel all may help; so, seeking that help is NOT optional. It is mandatory. We do not deserve to suffer.

Self-Compassion to Recover Our Lives

We often rush our healing and are LESS than compassionate with ourselves when it comes to emotional trauma and pain. Would you be patient with yourself after a heart-attack? How about after a stroke, as you regained strength, motion, and mobility? Likewise, a wise, whole woman will create a safe place within her own heart to heal completely. Compassion is needed. Healing has many layers. We are worthy of showing ourselves love and kindness when we need it the most.

One of my favorite quotes is by bestselling Japanese author Haruki Murakami and it states:

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

Depression is self-suffering. Depression blinds us from truth. My heart breaks to think about what heights of suffering Robin Williams must have faced in those final hours and moments. I hate the thought of human beings suffering. Unfortunately as a society, we often downplay mental struggles; yet, depression is real. It is a profound dis-ease of the mind, body and soul and it must be treated with the same diligence with which we would approach a life-threatening disease; after all, doesn’t prolonged emotional pain threaten our lives? I read in an article recently that Robin Williams had many regrets on how he lived his life. Maybe he struggled with replaying old mental images, painful memories, events, and losses that he couldn’t erase from his mind. I know how that feels. Do you?

The reason I am SO passionate about emotional mastery is because without it there is no WHOLE life. There is no true freedom without residing daily in authority over our thought lives. This is no easy task. Self-mastery is a life-time goal.

And while we are human and will always experience set-backs and even sorrow, when we are whole, healthy and healed, we begin to outright refuse to self-suffer. I believe worthiness teaches us that we do not deserve to suffer. We deserve better. As I was recovering from my depression and rebuilding a life anchored in peace, calm, abundance and joy, I would place my hands over my chest and repeat this Buddhist mantra to myself daily:

• May I be free from suffering.
• May I be happy.
• May I be healthy.
• May I be wealthy.
• May I be at peace.”

On certain days, the pain was so profound that all I could mutter was: “May I be free from suffering.”

Nobody wants to suffer. We ALL want to experience a life of happiness, joy and fulfillment; and this is our birthright. Yet, most women I engage with are familiar with depression. Maybe our places of worship and friendship circles have not created a safe place to honestly express this, but most of us can say, “I’ve been there.”

Over the next few days and weeks, I’ll be exploring the topic of mental, emotional and physical health much more. We have to live with ourselves; we cannot escape who we are. We spend more time with ourselves than with anyone else. And there is NO greater priority than our own sense of emotional wholeness and wellness.

I am beyond grateful to be on the other side of depression, and yet I am grateful for the pain. I am grateful for my “dark night of the soul.  It was the birthing ground of my calling. I vowed to God that once I recovered from that season I would use my journey, my healing lessons, and my Divine insight into the area of wholeness to empower other women and people. I’ve spent my days since then doing just that.

My heart is healing from the loss of Robin Williams, so I’ve had some sad moments this week; but, I’m ok with that. Wholeness makes us strong enough to experience ALL of what it means to be human: dark, light, good, bad, up, down, happy, and sad. No judgment. Self-acceptance is the pathway to healing.

My heart goes out to Robin Williams’ family; my heart goes out to him. I am grateful for the laughter, joy and beauty his life gave to us. There will never be another rich smile or laugh like his; and yet, for us, life goes on.

I am determined that MY life will go on free of self-suffering and self-inflicted pain. I hope you’ll join me in the mission to live WHOLE, to live free and to live fully! YOU deserve nothing less.

Although this article is directed towards women, of course men suffer profoundly with depression as well. One quick glance at history, or even in our own friendship circles and families, reveals that. But I wanted to speak to women, as we tend to be harder on ourselves (and unfortunately at times, other women). So, the next time you encounter another woman, smile at her and send her love because you NEVER know what is happening in her heart. We judge people by their public image, but God sees their private pain. And that’s exactly why I love God because just like the Hymn says: “He looks beyond the flaw and sees the need.”

Ultimately, Robin Williams had a profound NEED. We all do. Nobody wants to suffer. We all desire happiness, significance, safety, connection and most of all… love. R.I.P. Robin Williams; may Divine love cover and comfort all those who loved you.

Thank you for reading this! Please share your thoughts and know that I love you, I appreciate you, and I’m on the wholeness journey with you!

Blessings and Much love,

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Do you need a little ME time?


In summer months, things SPEED Up. Way up! If we’re not careful the entire season may pass and we will look up only to realize we never took the time to deliberately engage in self-care. We may find ourselves doing so much for other people— running the kids all over the place, attending one event after the other, staying up late, eating junk food, internet surfing, yet still neglecting, true times of heart-rest, spiritual reflection, and the centered, calm-energy nurtured by periodic times of soul-sabbatical.

If anybody knows how to live revved up on stress and adrenaline it’s me! Years ago, my life was non-stop, over the top and OUT of ORDER! My call to “ordering my private world” came when one of my spiritual mentors, P. Bunny Wilson said to me is: “Shannon, you’ve become so good at doing you’ve forgotten how to simply BE. — Wow! Her words were both Divine correction, and a sacred invitation to begin the journey towards the life that I now lead and cherish; a life marked by soul-ease, self-care and centered wholeness.

What about you?
• Do you find yourself waking up checking texts and emails before you even roll out of bed?
• Do you find yourself staying up late, waking up tired, and not feeling your radiance? Energy?
• Do you feel like more people NEED you and yet there’s less of you to go around?
You are NOT alone. We are busier than ever before in history, and although demands for our attention and time have INCREASED, our capacity to meet the demands have not.

I love the wisdom that reminds us: We cannot give what we do not possess. We cannot offer what we don’t first embrace…

So that brings me to my question: In this ramped up 24-hour world, are YOU taking care of YOU? Are you giving yourself the time to RELAX…SLOW DOWN and simply “BE?”

Never underestimate the power of ME time…

Many years ago, my mother lost a dear friend. My mother’s friend was only 34- years-old when she passed. I’ll never forget my mother’s words after Nina’s funeral: “Nina was always there for everyone, she was the glue that held everyone together, and it breaks my heart that super-women die young.” Wow! I couldn’t have been more than 22-years- old at that time, but I’ll never forget those words: “Superwomen die young.” With the increasing demands for our time, our resources, our energy, being INTENTIONAL about “me” time is not selfish, far from it, it is life-saving, and it is wise.

It’s time for Soul Sabbatical

Last year, I had the honor of teaching a LIVE 4-week virtual online course centered around self-care and intentional inner-healing called: Soul Sabbatical. During the sessions,  my clients kept asking about meditation, so I recorded a mindful meditation and self-calming training called: “The HOUR of POWER.”

The regular price for this audio is $89.00 — Today, I’d like to bless you with this training for free! I would love to “sow” into your season of intentional “ME” time and self-care. You are MORE than worth it.

It’s been many, many years since the life-changing words of: “learning how to BE” were spoken into my spirit, and over the past several years I’ve become extremely diligent about practicing a daily self-care routine and living the sacred principles of Soul Sabbatical. There is nothing I value more than clarity, wholeness and peace, and ALL are “inside-jobs.” When we invest in our own well-being first, everything in our lives changes for the better.

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There’s nothing wrong with slowing down— actually when we do, we get there FASTER!

Remember, what we are seeking is already seeking us: Before we call, God answers.  Cast your cares on God. Take a DEEP breath, place your hands over your chest and repeat after me: “Relax. Allow. Receive.”


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Blessings and Much love,

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3 Signs of a Restored Woman

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Have you ever lost something precious and dear to you? How did it make you feel? For me, loss creates fear and panic. For many, it causes a lapse in rational thought. We search frantically, blindly and desperately. We call others to join us in our wild search. We mentally “retrace” our steps and do everything within our power to remember: how, why, and what happened to make us lose something we value or need so dearly? What about our hearts and souls as women?


Have you ever felt as if you lost a part of yourself? Have you been through a trauma or set-back that shook you to the very core of your being, only to leave you wondering if you’d ever make it back home to the truth of who you are? I have. Thankfully, this is not where our story ends…

“Behold, I am making all things new.”

What does a Restored Woman look like?
The dictionary describes restoration as:
Return (someone or something) to a former condition, place, or position.
Repair or renovate (a building, work of art, vehicle, etc.) so as to return it to its original condition.
Much like the description above, soul-level life restoration is not about “replacing” what is, but rather it’s about allowing the completed work, the “true original” woman to emerge WHOLE. This woman is free to SHINE unapologetically in her NEWNESS: mind, spirit and soul.

The 3 Signs of a Restored Woman:

#1. A Restored Woman is a NEW Woman

A Restored Woman has found this truth… she is already brand NEW. Through her daily surrender to God’s love, she is empowered to accept and embrace this gift of “newness.” She has nothing left to prove. She has made room in her life for what is needed for this part of her sacred journey and released familiar habits, people and beliefs that no longer serve her path of wholeness, life-freedom and soul-restoration. This woman lives in the freedom, fullness and prosperity of her “newness.”


#2. A Restored Woman is an Authentic Woman

A Restored Woman’s suffering has become her strength, her tears have become her tenderness, her challenges have become her compassion, and her past pain has become the platform for her present purpose. She no longer shrinks, hides or diminishes herself to please others; she is at ease and relaxed in her own skin. Her profound authenticity is an invitation for others to live with the same soul-level freedom.


#3. A Restored Woman is a WHOLE Woman

One cannot nourish the mind and neglect the body, or nourish relationships and neglect finances. ALL areas of our lives deserve completion, success and wholeness.


The Restored Woman’s life reflects wholeness in every way: mind, body, and spirit. Her life reveals: Whole prosperity. She does not forfeit one area of her life for the sake of another. A whole woman knows her “completion” and wholeness has been settled by her Creator alone. She knows that because God is her Source, she is already: Whole. Complete. Lacking nothing.


I pray that we are all surrendering daily to the truth of who we already are: Restored. I believe that embracing wholeness and prosperity in EVERY aspect of our lives is a birthright.


I consider myself a Life Restoration Expert, because I am passionately committed to helping women all over the globe reclaim their God-given right to live free!


It’s time to embrace the bigger story that God wants to reveal through your life. It’s time to embrace your newness. Life Restoration is a sacred gift; one cultivated through self-acceptance and a daily surrender to God’s love.


I appreciate you for being with me on this amazing life journey!


I’m blessed to share my thoughts with like-minded women who desire freedom, prosperity and wholeness in every area of their lives!


Much love,

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P.P.S. – I’d love to hear your thoughts. What does a Restored Woman look like to YOU?

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