When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move.

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“When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move.”
– Chinese proverb

I remember the pain of forgetting myself. You see, I fell asleep in my own life. In my “dark night of the soul” I experienced a painful disconnect from myself, call it depression, call it sorrow, I now call it forgetting the truth. It was a moment of soul-sleep that turned into days of delusional, half-thinking. It was a moment that turned into months of self-suffering, blame, bitterness and powerlessness. In the midst of it all, the help, the deliverance, the rescue I was waiting on, was only found within.


I alone, had the power to rise and reclaim what was rightfully mine by birthright: power, peace, love and a sound mind.


Many of us have fallen asleep in our own lives, but there is a gentle voice within lovingly urging us to wake up. The time is now. Women are rising and remembering the truth of who we are called to be.


Women are waking up, rising and reclaiming our power, dignity and strength.


As women, we may drift from the truth of our own hearts, disconnect from our own approval, self-love, and acceptance. We may seek the world to validate something God has already settled….we are already whole, complete and lacking nothing. We are already worthy.


When we fall asleep to our own glory, we take our soul-level questions to men: “Am I lovable? Am I special? Am I enough?” We burden them with the weight of remembering who we are for us. We may even desperately turn our gaze to “fixing” them because we have neglected to acknowledge and heal ourselves.


Our men will remember our beauty, when we remember. Our men will remember that we are precious and special when we wake up and remember it ourselves. Relationships mirror back to us our wounds and our worth. Our men merely reflect back to us what we already believe and accept as truth.


When we fall asleep in our own lives, we may find ourselves lost in careers that are misaligned the desires of our hearts. We lose ourselves tending to another person’s vineyard, while neglecting our own vineyard; our unique purpose, passion and calling.


It takes power and conviction to rise up and choose you!


When I healed my life all those years ago, I found the courage to remember who I already was…worthy. I woke up and remembered that my life had value. The temporary pain, distractions and drama could never extinguish the higher calling on my life. By faith, I emerged whole.


It takes confidence and conviction to live a life that is an authentic reflection of our soul-level desires.


It takes faith to follow our gut-level intuition, to listen and act upon the voice within our hearts crying out for more.


Women have the ability to birth life, and to birth great vision. We also have the power to participate in our own rebirth, to rise and reclaim what old disappointments, past set-backs, loss, grief and broken promises tried to strip away.


Women are rising.


We are waking up from the lies and confusion of a society that has forgotten how to love. We are waking up from a limiting, fear-based religious model that found hate and judgment easier than love and acceptance.


We are waking up from the false burden we placed on ourselves to perform, please and prove rather than to simply be.


We are waking up and healing our relationship with ourselves, refusing to carry the burden of self-hatred, false-guilt and low-self-worth.


Women are rising and reclaiming our birthrights to freedom, meaningful life, love and joy.


We are remembering that we are here on this earth to give love and to be made whole and complete by receiving love.


We are moving into a new season of sisterhood, remembering that each time a woman rises from her soul-sleep, a mountain of fear, doubt, lack, loneliness, poverty, limitation and shame moves out of the way.


Ladies first...Our men, our children, our communities will heal once we do.


It’s worth repeating: “When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move.”


Wake up my sister to the miracle of your own life, remember who you are and watch mountains move.


I’m so grateful to be waking up with you!



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