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“Shannon, no one else could share this message of worthiness and inner-healing the way you do. Worthy is for this time and for an amazing purpose. Worthy makes our lives as women, bigger and better. Thank you for walking in your gift!”Tiffany Thomas –Emmy-Award Winning Documentary Film Producer

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WORTHY LIVE is a transformational 3-day event held in gorgeous Santa Monica, CA. WORTHY LIVE will help you transcend all limits and rise to personal greatness. You’ll emerge whole, unchained from your past and discover your soul’s sacred calling. You’ll experience genuine connection with like-minded, conscious and spiritually evolved women. You’ll be inspired, challenged and gain profound insight in a safe, fun, engaging and intimate environment. We host some of the most dynamic thought-leaders in the area of mind, body, soul and spiritual wholeness.

There’s nothing like the power of being immersed in transformational, soul-centering teaching, while connecting with like-minded, visionary women. The sense of belonging and community that organically develops over the course of the three days is priceless! You’ll leave with a tangible and practical action plan that will help you flourish in life and in love.

Your suffering will be transformed into significance. Your pain will become your purpose. Your struggle will become your success.

JOIN US Today. We ONLY have 50 spaces available for this intimate, sacred gathering. These spaces will be go fast!

Rediscover the life that’s waiting for you.

“Through the Worthy teachings, Shannon inspires and motivates you to get out of your comfort zone and take steps to achieve the things you’ve only dreamed about. Worthy has given me the courage to look deep inside myself and recognize my soul’s true desires. I am capable of much more than I gave myself credit for.”– Stacy Smith Author, One Minute of Kindness”


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Shannon Tanner is the founder of Worthy- a book, a Conference Series, and an International Spiritual Reawakening Movement. Worthy serves a new generation of spiritually evolving women. Worthy helps women embrace their God-given value and worth. Worthy began as a series of blog topics and live inner-healing clinics and later became a book and a weekly radio podcast. Worthy shot to sudden national recognition after Shannon had the honor of speaking on the topic of self-worth for Bishop T.D. Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes at Mega Fest in Dallas TX. The Worthy message continues to grow and impact women on a global scale with subscribers from New York to Dubai.

Filmmaker, famed director and Hollywood power-player, Tyler Perry dubbed Shannon’s work with women in the realm of worth, relationships and wholeness as: “important and necessary.” Shannon continues to live in a way that liberates women to come home back to the truth of who they already are: Whole. Complete. Lacking nothing. When women embrace their God-given value and worth, they choose better in love, life and relationships. They lead lives of soul-confidence, authentic purpose and profound significance.

WORTHY book 250x250 Her book Worthy- The Power of Wholeness was released through Three Eight Media Group on 4-4-14.

               TeeJ Mercer

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TeeJ Mercer Impacting the lives of millions through her storytelling as an Award-Winning T.V. Editor and Bestselling Author with charismatic relatability, TeeJ, a domestic violence survivor, bares her soul with an uncommon humility wrapped in oodles of wit. Spellbound by her excitement and open-heart that encounters no strangers, TeeJ takes audiences from all walks of life on an incredible journey of self-discovery, helping them chart their own path to resilience. Authentic and amusing, TeeJ inspires her listeners to embrace. . .



              Lynette Luster

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Lynette Luster is a Certified Fitness Instructor, former dancer and nutritional enthusiast who has been motivating clients to reach their true potential for the past 15 years. She earned the well respected Certificated Program in Fitness Instruction from UCLA, as well as studied alternative therapies and yoga. Lynette builds and designs individual and comprehensive mind, body, spirit wholeness programs for dynamic women of all different shapes, sizes, and varying fitness experience.

“True fitness is not an aesthetic goal to be achieved but a lifestyle of wellness to be lived.” Lynette Luster

More amazing speakers will be announced soon.


Friday Night July 25th Session 1 Girlfriend Therapy

(From 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.)

Think of this as a Girl’s night in.  Tonight we get liberated! We take off the masks, and we experience the power of soul to soul connection. During our Girlfriend Therapy session, we will cultivate the fearlessness within to SHOW up fully in our lives. We will remove the chains and master the spiritual art of letting go. During Friday night’s Girlfriend Therapy Session, you will tap into the wisdom, beauty and significance of your authentic voice. This intimate evening is about setting yourself free from the limitations of past disappointments and rising in your SHINE. Shannon will guide you step by step through self-mastery principles. You’ll discover how to nurture soul-ease and clarity. And emerge with a new found commitment to step fully into your destiny.

Saturday July 26th Session 2The REBIRTH of LOVE Clinic

( From 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

Saturday is devoted to relationships…starting with the one you have with yourself. It’s time to overcome the inner-critic; and learn the role of spiritual resilience, self-love and self-care. We will have an in-depth discussion about the changing landscape of romantic love, traditional roles (masculinity/femininity.) We will heal our feminine hearts by releasing the old heartache(s) and intentionally making ROOM for new love. Are you tired of being alone? Are you tired of being stuck in unhealthy patters of relationships? Do you want to become passionate and fully-engaged in love and life? Meaningful relationships are true wealth. It’s time to get relationship rich! If you desire MORE love and MORE Life, don’t miss our sacred Saturday Rebirth of LOVE session.

Sunday, July 27th Session 3 The Sunday Soul Sabbatical

( From 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m.)

Do you find yourself waking up checking texts and emails before you even roll out of bed? Do you find yourself staying up late, waking up tired, and not feeling your radiance, your glow? On this day we will deliberately unplug and realign with our spirits. You’ll participate in therapeutic deep-breathing and relaxation techniques. You’ll learn how to renew your mind through the power of biblical meditation and develop self-calming and stress ease practices. Spiritual clarity is priceless. Wholeness and peace are both inside-jobs. When we invest in our well-being first, everything in our lives changes for the better. There’s nothing wrong with slowing down and focusing on self-care— actually when we do, we get there FASTER! It’s time to Relax. Allow. Receive.

Are You Ready To:

HEAL your Relationship with YOURSELF and become a magnet for healthy love? • RISE from Potential to POWER? • POSITION yourself for INCREASE in every area of your life?

Then it’s time for WORTHY LIVE!


Satellite Santa Monica Office copy

Satellite Monica is fabulous!

WORTHY LIVE will be held in the intimate, light-flooded Satellite Santa Monica event space. We will bask in the cool, balmy breeze, while immersed in life-changing educational sessions less than two blocks away from the ocean. We’ll be surrounded by abundance, relaxed vibes, calm-centering energy and God’s scenic beauty.

FLIGHTS/AIRPORTS We recommend flying into the LAX Los Angeles, CA airport. HOTELS Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel 9620 Airport Blvd Los Angeles, CA, 90045, United States of America, ‎866 539 8430‎ Hotel Website: You can also try using affordable price leader Hotels.com to find a place to stay.

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“Working with Shannon has allowed me to see through the fog of self-doubt, insecurities and shame that has plagued me for decades. What has emerged is a woman who is passionate about life, optimistic about the future and has finally realized that she is worthy. Her impact has been immeasurable and I will be eternally grateful.” – Chante LaFall

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“Shannon’s teachings in the area of personal wholeness and self-worth have inspired me to let go of stale thinking and dangerous belief systems that stagnate personal growth. Worthy has helped me by turning on a mental and spiritual light bulb, enabling me to see I’m truly deserving of being the recipient of true love.” – Sharon Debbie

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“I don’t know of any other women’s conference that seeks to increase a woman’s value by simply embracing who we already are. Many empowerment conferences focus on what women need to do or add to their life in order to be valuable. The Worthy conference focuses on looking within and uncovering our individual, God given qualities that make us valuable. I love Shannon’s unique approach to emotional healing by uprooting the soul-lies we believe about ourselves. Once the lie is uncovered, the clarity really begins to flow”. – Keandra Doss

Yvette Thomas150x150

“Shannon Tanner has tapped into a critical area of the human existence with Worthy. Her Worthy sessions were orchestrated in an organic way that brought about healing in my life. I see the difference in how I see and think about me. There’s a deeper level of connection in my personal and professional relationships. I think women who attend will be able to take a new introspective look at themselves in an honest and loving way.” – Yvette Thomas- Psychotherapist Registered Intern

Juanita Durkee150x150

“Worthy has equipped me with a healthy perspective of my own value. Knowing my own worth has completely changed how I make choices. I am thrilled to say that I am no longer manipulated by people and their agendas… Shannon’s work on worth gave me the confidence to create the life I’ve always wanted. “ – Juanita Durkee

Cassie Stone150x150

“Worthy was the missing piece that helped me to finally break a pattern of abusive self- depreciating behavior. Worthy helped me experience peace about just being myself, not who I think people want me to be.”– Cassie Stone

Choose yourself. Invest in the beauty of your dreams. Let your heart lead you beyond your comfort zone, that’s exactly where the miracles are!



And are you ready for the BEST Part? WORTHY LIVE is Super Affordable!

It’s only a one-time investment of $189.00 for all 3-days!

Or take advantage of our EASY/Flex pay option and make two payments of $94.50

***Can’t attend all 3-Days? Bummer! But, we do have OPTIONS! Simply select a one or two day pass for $75.00 per day.


Due to the extremely limited amount of tickets available your purchase and payments are non-refundable. However they are transferable. Purchase does not include transportation, food or hotel accommodations. Easy FLEX payment plans are billed automatically to the card you provide each month (every 30 days)


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