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Do YOU Have the Courage to Be WHOLE?


Imagine no longer shrinking or hiding from your greatness: going from playing small to playing BIG!

Imagine living in soul-level ease and heart rest– being at total peace within.

Imagine engaging in RICH relationships that mirror the deepest desires of your heart.

Imagine rising above past shame and walking boldly in your God-given calling.

Imagine walking in calm, radiant confidence that allows you to transcend all self-limitations.


You’ve just imagined the message of Worthy- The POWER of Wholeness.


I became passionate about tackling the topic of Worthiness, and in the process helped hundreds of clients get past the hindering thoughts that kept them from fully showing up to their destiny.


Countless workshops, seminars, tweets, blog posts, and teleconferences later, I have just completed publishing the book Worthy – The Power of Wholeness!



Worthy details 7 Essentials of Healthy Self-Worth that empower readers with the clarity necessary to cultivate authentic confidence and sustainable inner-peace. 

WOMEN Are already LOVING the Empowering MESSAGE of WORTHY

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Shannon, thank you so much for writing a book on the Power of Wholeness!! There is a powerful anointing on the words in your book. Every time I start reading, the words go to a place so deep inside of me, where I must have subconsciously buried the pain for years. The tears begin to flow, and I experience a healing, that at this moment, I can’t put into words.” 

- Alison Evans

Are you ready to live with a CALM Mind, CONFIDENT Heart and COURAGEOUS Spirit?

  • It’s time to HEAL Your Relationship with YOURSELF.
  • It’s time to RISE from Potential to POWER.
  • It’s time to POSITION Yourself for INCREASE in every area of your life!

It’s time for Worthy…


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I believe in YOU. I’m Excited to Offer you Extra VALUE for purchasing Worthy-The POWER of Wholeness.

I’m celebrating my new book by making a special VALUE-ADDED offer to everyone who has supported my mission to Evolve, Inspire, and Connect.

If you order Worthy– The Power of Wholeness NOW, along with your personalized signed paperback copy you’ll receive the following exclusive WORTHY Book BONUS Bundle (INSTANT downloads. Up to $444.00 in complimentary audio trainings/and conference passes)

Your Complimentary Worthy BONUS Book Bundle Contains:

  • Personalized Signed copy of  Worthy– The Power of Wholeness
  • When a Woman Embraces Her Worth (Audio/MP3 Training)
  • Audio download of the “3 Core Beliefs of a Worthy Woman (Audio/MP3 Training)
  • The 7 Essentials of Healthy Self-Worth (Audio/MP3 Training)
  • Self-Worth, Shame and Weight Loss (Audio/MP3 Training)
  • The POWER of Wholeness (Audio Training/MP3)

***Your Personally Autographed Paperback copy of Worthy will ship directly to you with address provided on check-out. BONUS Book training Bundle Links will be emailed for INSTANT download access.


By ordering at least 5 BOOKS to give the gift of restoration and new life to others, you will also receive:
ALL Of the ABOVE plus:
**ONE Complimentary TICKETS to LIVE West Coast Worthy Conference (July 19th, 2014/Location TBA) – Value $100.00 (or audio downloads of the sessions if can’t attend)
And with every bulk DIRECT Order of 10 Worthy Books you will receive a **2 VIP tickets to the Worthy West Coast Conference (July 19th, 2014)  in addition to all of the bonuses listed above!


It’s TIME to RECLAIM Your Wholeness.

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Are You Ready to Invest in Your OWN Heart?

** This is a LIMITED time OFFER- The Worthy paperback book Bundle BONUS OFFER will end on  April 24th.

** To take advantage of this AMAZING offer TODAY, simply click on one of the payment buttons below:
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***Your Personally Autographed Paperback copy of Worthy will ship directly to you with address provided on check-out. BONUS Book training Bundle will be emailed for INSTANT download access via PC computer/tablet.


Give Yourself Permission to LIVE Free and Beautifully Empowered.

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I believe in Worthy, and I believe you do too. I have been humbled and blessed by every share, like, comment, retweet, and workshop or teleconference attendee of this teaching. It speaks to the many of you who have already been impacted by the nurturing message of healthy self-love.

From applying the principles contained in Worthy for my clients and to my own life, I have seen that more peace, more resilience, and more power are the fruit of worth.

If you are ready for MORE, then you are ready for

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*** PLEASE NOTE: For the first 10 Days of Release, (April 14th-24th) Worthy-The POWER of Wholeness is available for purchase EXCLUSIVELY on my blog ONLY.

*** It will be available for purchase on Amazon, Kindle and Audible Books (April 25th)

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